Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When I started doing makeup, the main reason for it is I just love making women beautiful. I love makeup and I admire the beauty that it creates. Every chance I get I grab it and make it work. One night, or should I say morning cause it's already 2am and insomnia just kicked in, I got a message through my Facebook account. It was a client asking if I could do the makeup for her friend's prom on the same day at around 10 am. I have a few things to do, but since I can't say no to makeup, I said yes. When I saw Camille, I saw a pretty, longhaired shy girl and I couldn't wait to do her makeup and see her transformation. I was happy with the airbrush makeup I did to her, but I was even happier to know that she was crowned as the "Prom Queen". It doesn't get better than that, it was like a validation that I did something right.

HMUA: JJ Irineo (Airbrush makeup)
PHOTO: Emelou Pono
LOCATION: Sarangani High Lands



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