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HI! I'm JJ. I'm a freelance makeup artist based in General Santos City. I am juggling between jobs as a makeup artist and an entrepreneur. My family owns a boutique business since 1990 and that is where my inclination for makeup and fashion started. At a very young age, I started working in our boutique doing cashiering and selling headbands and ribbons for kids. I remember it so vividly as if it was just yesterday. 

Before I went to study makeup formally, I used to work in a bank for 5 years, until I decided to pursue what I am passionate about. Even without the formal training I really love playing and experimenting with makeup. I used to look at magazines and copy the makeup I see on the models. I eventually graduated from HD Makeup Studio & Academy last August 2013.

Courses graduated:


Finding what I really want to do for the rest of my life was confusing at first not because I wasn't sure what I really want but because there are so many options out there. Like I said, I'm juggling between jobs and sometime arguing a lot with mom about what my priorities are. Our family business has been there for years, it has been profitable and we owe everything that we have today in that business. But then, makeup is the one thing that always excites me and I never get tired of it. 
So, last year I decided that from now on, everything I will do will be in line with makeup. I am already a freelance makeup artist, I do weddings, debuts and other special occasions but if decide to continue being an entrepreneur, then I will sell makeup. If I want to do teaching, then I will teach makeup. Easy. Done. And that is the very reason why I did this website/blog that you are reading right now. =)

Aside from that, I love changing my hair style from time to time. I've had different looks over the years and still looking forward to trying new looks. Here are some of my throwback looks!


long curls

short bob


That's just some of my many faces and looks. Oh by the way, I love going to the beach. My favorite food of all time is adobo. Any variety of adobo. I actually want to name this blog MAKEUPADOBO, just because it's the two things I love the most. I am also a frustrated singer, yes (who's not??). And I love to travel. I love seeing new places and culture, it inspires me lot! 


Enough about myself. For now. =)

I hope this website/blog will help you in your journey with makeup

Stay Pretty!



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